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Data Science

Data Scientist

Job Description


● Implement machine learning based predictive models such as churn prediction.

● Write production worthy code, ensuring it runs efficiently on the target system.

● Apply data analytics and statistical techniques to identify relevant ML features.

● Overcome common ML problems such as overfitting, cold start, and logging.

● Detect flaws in the existing machine learning systems and suggest improvements.

● Collaborate with management to align developed models with stakeholders’ needs and business requirements.

● Develop, deploy, and maintain the data products and systems with documentations.


● Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree from Computer Science, Data Science, or equivalent practical experience. Master’s degree preferred.

● Strong knowledge of machine Learning algorithms.

● Strong understanding of programming and computer science fundamentals.

● Experience in productizing algorithms and improving their efficiency and runtime.

● Fluent in Python and SQL.

● Experience with cloud platform is a plus.

● Knowledge of Big Data technologies such as Spark or Hadoop is a plus.

● Ability to learn modern data technologies.

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