Who We Are and How We're Different

At ingenium, we’re committed to building relationships that last and partner with you for the next 30 years of your career. We believe that specialists beat out generalists and that’s why we have focused teams working within our dedicated verticals. We aim to really understand your personal & professional goals, help you build your business and further your career as a trusted listener, advocate and coach.

How do we do that? By adhering to the old school, tried-and-true methods while utilizing all the advantages that technology affords. That’s what makes us the modern day tech & creative talent agency.

Our Specialties

Cloud, Network, Security & Systems Engineers Jobs

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Mobile Jobs

Engineers building iOs, Android and Windows Mobile apps and products

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CTO / Director / VP / Lead Jobs

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Full Stack / Software Engineer Jobs

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DevOps / SRE / Infrastructure Jobs

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Data Science/Data Engineering/ML/AI Jobs

For those that love taking plunges into untapped data-lakes, laying data-pipeline, running regressions and simulations, building beautiful models, and figuring out the perfect way to illustrate the data's insight. If you love math and love to code, we can help you find roles in: data science, machine learning, AI, ETL, data wharehousing, Business intelligence, data engineering (platform), data viz, and Quant (analyst, researcher, developer, strategy).

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Backend Developer Jobs

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Front End Developer Jobs

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Javascript and UX/UI Developers

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Product / UX /UI Jobs

Product Owners and Designers who beautify and enhance the users satisfaction

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Our Diversity Statement

At ingenium, we think everybody deserves a voice regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

Our internal hiring practices and client and candidate referrals come without prejudice or bias and are based solely on the merit and value of the individual.

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