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Android Engineer (SDE II, SDE III)

Job Description

Sr. Android Engineer -- Leading Audio Book and Spoken Word Company (Newark, NJ)


· Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field
· Professional experience with mobile development in Android
· Background in synchronizing information across devices with support for offline transactions


· 2+ years of experience in designing and developing Android Applications using Java, Android SDK, Studio, APIs, or Frameworks; and experience with object oriented development, multithreading, and data structures
· Strong data-oriented skills with knowledge of Algorithms and database design
· Adaptable, enterprising, and willing to take ownership
· Working knowledge of modern best practices: dependency injection, operations/promises, and modular development
· A preference for Agile development methodologies
· Great communication skills—ability to think creatively and adapt the message to the audience. Can provide information to technical and non-technical stakeholders alike and guide them to confidently informed decisions
· Recent experience building enterprise-scale mobile applications
· Experience in streaming technologies (HLS, DASH)
· Competency in automation, enthusiasm for continuous integration/deployment or Chaos Engineering
· Solid Coding practices including good design, unit testing, peer code reviews and a preference for agile methods
· Knowledge of professional software engineering best practices including coding standards, source code management & build processes

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