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CTO/VP of Eng




Job Description


  • Pre-product/revenue and raised $3.7M
  • Investors include: SV Angel, Flexport, Susa Ventures and more
  • Marketplace disguised as a SaaS product as go-to-market
  • Fully built product and generating revenue
  • 5 person support team 


  • Checking out in stores or online sucks, it is slow, clunky and glitchy, or just takes forever
  • $3T dollar problem across all sectors growing YoY
  • 79.8% of all checkouts across sectors are abandoned 


  • CTO will execute the vision of the company and product with the support of a contract team to start
  • CTO will be responsible for building out our engineering team post-A
  • Will work directly with CEO to build out team pods rather than traditional org hierarchy
  • A background in e-commerce is preferred; however, streaming services, databases and payments is acceptable


  • Young at heart, age is just a number but you have to have energy in the tank
  • Daring, open to taking risks and everything that comes with them
  • Open minded, we are a start-up and doing things different (be open to that)
  • Fail fast and embrace your mistakes
  • Leave your ego and entitlement at the door
  • Salary: $225 to $275K
  • Equity: 5 to 8%
  • Equity terms: 1.5 year cliff, vests equally MoM after the cliff 
  • Benefits: full medical (health, vision and dental) plus perks (ie. fitness, gym passes, etc.)
  • Resumes sent to:  jim@ingenium.agency 

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