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Front End Developer (React or Vue)

Job Description

Front-End Engineer

New York, NY

Free Agency is a talent startup modernizing how people find & succeed at work. We provide concierge services and digital products to knowledge workers, mirroring Hollywood-style talent representation and management. Unlike other solutions in recruiting, we’re entirely paid by and motivated by the individual candidates we work with, enabling us to focus on their career outcomes. Their success is our success.

We’ve started with the tech industry: through our platform, mid to C-level folks in product, engineering, design, marketing, and ops are doing incredible work at companies like Square, Drift, Roblox, Reddit, Netflix, Amazon, SpaceX, Notion, Peloton. We’re backed by top-tier venture capital firms like Resolute Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, and Ludlow Ventures.

Now we are creating a suite of digital products, focused on job search, career management, and professional development. These products are going to be first-of-their-kind tools that empower our current clients (and others!) to better land dream jobs, track their career progress, and reach their long-term goals.

A bit more about the role:

You will be responsible for the design and implementation of the entirety of our products' front ends. You will be reporting to and directly working with the CTO throughout design, implementation, and deployment. The CTO is an experienced backend engineer and data scientist. You will also be collaborating very closely with the CEO, who has extensive product experience in the talent space.

Our Tech Stack:

  • TypeScript + React + styled-components
  • Next.js + Apollo Client
  • Starlette + Ariadne (GraphQL) + SQLAlchemy + Postgres + Redis
  • Netlify + Heroku

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Collaborating closely with the CTO and a full-stack engineer on building customer-facing products
  • Designing, implementing, and owning the frontend of our products, including consuming and designing a GraphQL API, selecting and evaluating libraries and tools, and building scalable and modular component libraries
  • Collaborating with UX/UI designers, product managers, and stakeholders to build an intuitive product experience


  • 2+ years experience at a technology company
  • Comfortable coding in JavaScript (or TypeScript)
  • Experience with modern JavaScript libraries and tooling (e.g. React/Vue and Apollo)
  • Fluency in HTML, CSS, and related web technologies (perhaps even CSS-in-JS)
  • Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues and experience with automated testing
  • Appreciation for clean design and intuitive UX

Things you may want to know:

  • Free Agency is a startup that thrives in the office environment. We believe that these early startup years are best spent in close proximity to maximize our odds of innovating, solving hard problems, and taking advantage of opportunities ahead. We have a spacious location in Flatiron that also includes an event space for our community. We are back in the office 5 days a week with regular COVID testing and a vaccination requirement, and will continue to be an in-office team so long as it remains safe.
  • We don't mind whether you're on the lesser or more experienced end of the spectrum. This role is adaptable based on seniority.

Quick hits:

  • Free Agency offers competitive pay, including equity, in addition to full coverage of health, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Free Agency’s Refresher program recognizes that our normal pace and effort is enabled by time off. Accordingly, we offer unlimited PTO (2 week minimum) plus 2 weeks off during the holidays.
  • Free Agency’s Boost program is how we invest in all careers, not just those of our clients. All employees receive a $2,000 professional development budget to spend on outside books, workshops, programs, coaches, courses, etc. to develop their skills and grow as leaders.
  • Core to our mission is expanding diversity & inclusion within tech. Similarly, we encourage candidates from underrepresented + nontraditional backgrounds to apply.

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