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JavaScript Developer (Vue, Nuxt or React)

Job Description

JavaScript Developer (all levels junior, mid and senior)

We are looking to add Javascript Developers to its Consumer Products & Engineering team. This role will be focused on two key pieces of our content publishing platform: An internal Vue application that manages a presentation/templating RESTful API and a Nuxt application for the consumer-facing Web front end. The content publishing platform is used across numerous, high-profile business units so we're looking for a developer with an eye on scalability, reusability, and performance.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Build new features and singular, modular components that can be re-used across all business units.

• Continuously prototype new ideas with the expectation that these prototypes will become live code very quickly!

• Refactor and enhance existing code: ie. migrate existing components to Typescript.

• Project Planning: Work with the Product and Project teams to gather requirements, estimate work, and deploy your code in a timely manner.

• Be available to support developers working directly with the various Fox business units currently using the platform.

Basic Requirements:

• Detail oriented with strong communication skills.

• Semantic code - use best practices to write clear, easy-to-read, 'DRY' code.

• Write code that is modular and will work in numerous contexts.

• Proficient in CSS/Responsive design.

• Comfortable working with client-side frameworks AND SSR frameworks. Be familiar with the Nuxt (or Next) lifecyle.

• Proficient with Git, Docker, Webpack and other tools that allow for easy local development and stable deployments.

Advanced Skills:

• Familiarity with Typescript.

• Proficiency writing unit tests / e2e tests.

• Advanced state management with Vuex or Redux.

• Up to Date with the latest versions/features available for Vue/Nuxt.

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