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Product Operations Manager

Job Description

As the founding member of our Product Operations team, you will help build out this critical function at Zearn, working to ensure our product and engineering teams operate efficiently as we continue to scale. You will play a pivotal role in launching new products by establishing well-defined product development processes, coordinating smooth, high-quality feature releases, collecting user feedback, and analyzing user data to help guide the product roadmap. This is a highly cross-functional role where you will build strong relationships across product, engineering, QA, and user-facing teams (marketing, support, customer success, and sales). We’re looking for a product ops expert ready to take ownership and establish a strong foundation for what product operations can be at Zearn. 

What you’ll do:

  • Develop, manage, and continuously improve processes for scale that help the product and engineering teams meet their goals more efficiently and effectively
  • Establish a best practice Kanban system for agile software development
  • Implement and track productivity metrics to ensure teams are on track to meet goals or reprioritize accordingly when necessary
  • Manage key product meetings, including planning meetings and Monthly Reviews (curating high-quality agenda’s, distilling content, facilitating the meeting, and making continuous improvements to achieve the best outcomes)
  • Proactively communicate project status to management and stakeholders, identifying at-risk goals and potential solutions
  • Ensure product launches are followed by quick, data-driven iteration cycles
  • Assist Product Managers in identifying data analysis needs before development and executing that analysis post-launch 
  • Prioritize product-related data requests from all Product Managers and serve as a point person for the data team to deeply understand the product need
  • Manage and grow Zearn’s nascent system for A/B testing content and features
  • Build out Zearn’s system for conducting user tests, interviews, and surveys; coordinate these key activities and streamline insights to be shareable across the entire organization
  • Uplevel the team’s understanding of how the product is being used in the real world
  • Surfacing customer or operations use-cases and edge-cases to validate requirements and proposed product solutions
  • Synthesize support tickets, posts in the Zearn Facebook community, marketing surveys, and other inputs for product-related insights and challenges to be considered in future development
  • Manage Zearn’s weekly release process
  • Track, clarify and communicate the status of new and upcoming feature launches
  • Ensure customer-facing teams are ready with the information and processes required to support new products 
  • Become a product expert for all things Zearn to provide support to the product team when triaging issues or sharing information and processes to support new product launches.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • 5+ years of relevant work experience, with 2+ years in product operations, product management, program management, or an operational role that worked closely with product and engineering teams
  • Strong communication and relationship-building skills. You can move seamlessly between conversing with engineers, product managers, non-technical employees, and senior executives
  • Exceptional project/program management skills with a track record of leading and proactively managing end-to-end execution of projects/programs
  • Ability to take ownership of projects, work autonomously, and effectively prioritize to get things done
  • Demonstrated expertise of of Kanban agile methodology and metrics to analyze and improve workflow
  • Experience digging deep into the data, analyzing user feedback and using these insights to drive product improvements
  • Excitement to develop a deep understanding of a complex product and its use cases
  • A can-do attitude and ability to juggle multiple priorities simultaneously
  • A commitment to Zearn’s mission of providing an exceptional education to all children

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