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Python Infrastructure Developer

Job Description

The Python Developer role entails responsibilities within our python infrastructure spanning a number of domains—from data engineering to workflow development—with a focus on data-driven middle-tier development. As an integral member of the team, you will collaborate closely with other engineers and researchers to identify requirements and build robust internal tools.

Specific responsibilities are expected to include:

  • Building and enhancing existing data infrastructure
  • Transforming and cleaning data retrieved by API endpoints
  • Working with research and technology teams to provide production support for signal dashboards and processes
  • Use latest architecture trends to help enhance existing and build out new APIs, frameworks, and CI/CD pipelines and testing suites

The role requires solid engineering principles, strong python knowledge, collaborative spirit, and an analytic orientation.

While there is a wide array of unique backgrounds that may be a good fit, experience with corporate credit would be helpful in the role. Exposure to structured credit would be useful but is by no means required.

Beyond the skills and experiences you may have had in your academic and/or professional career to date, the following areas of expertise are fundamental to finding this position with our team a good fit:

  • Distinguished analytical, and problem-solving experience
  • Deep expertise with enterprise scale python infrastructure
  • Demonstrated experience working collaboratively with other quant colleagues and portfolio managers
  • Python expertise

o Proficiency with quantitative programming packages (e.g., pandas, NumPy, scipy)

o Experience with C++ integrations and JavaScript is a plus

  • Strong command of SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Experience with data visualization and related front-tend tools, such as dash, streamlit, flask, panel, etc.
  • Comfort developing front-ends and model mock-ups in Excel and/or Python notebooks

You will possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s, in Computer Science or related discipline, coupled with a minimum of three to five years of relevant work experience. If by chance, you have related work experience as part of a market data engineering team or as part of a trading desk at a leading bank or investment management firm, you are likely an excellent fit.

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