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Senior Software Architect (Front-End)

Job Description

We are looking for someone with a solid technical background and leadership skills, able to work in

a fast-paced environment, building software that scales.

As an architect, you provide development leadership within an agile team. As someone with a

strong software development experience, you guide teams into building the highest quality

solutions to business problems.

You’ll then work with engineers by sharing your knowledge of the projects based on your

cooperation with other departments. You will help us stay focused on future-proofing our products.

• Project assignment and scheduling

• Team mentorship

• Project scoping and approval

• Facilitate project estimates

• Understand front end development process

• Keep up to date on the latest technologies

• Mitigate project issues

• Team code reviews

• Coordinate with other teams for projects that span multiple departments

Basic Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, or 10+ years front end

development and 5+ years of team lead level

• Excellent communication skills, ability to work well in a team, project management, and

technical leadership experience

• Team management experience

• Strong customer focus, ownership, urgency, and drive. We want a self-starter

• Proficient in working in an agile software development environment

• Proficient in testing the front-end code for supported browsers and devices

• Proficient in JavaScript (framework agnostic)

• Proficient in HTML / CSS (Sass)

• Production experience with Node.js and React, Angular, or Vue

Preferred Qualifications

• Production experience with Typescript

• Production experience with a NoSQL database

• Familiar with technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and the Unix command line

• Production experience with a functional programming pattern or language

• Production experience in incorporating reliable unit and end-to-end testing to UI


• Strong portfolio of work showing experience developing standards-compliant front-end

code for the product and/or marketing websites, web applications, and/or mobile experiences

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