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CTO/VP of Eng

VP of Engineering - GreenTech - $200k + equity


$200k + equity

Job Description

VP of Engineer in Brooklyn - $200k + equity

We are a ‘green’, energy conservation, eco-friendly company. We raised $33mm on our own through Series B before being acquired by a bigger firm (who have raised $163mm of their own).

Our team is composed of data scientists, utility veterans, engineers, regulatory experts, and marketers who help our clients design, launch, and manage successful demand-side management programs

You will be inheriting a Java/Python/AWS stack with a team of 15-20 and the mandate to grow towards 40. Role require a very technical manager (though not very hands-on). Comp is $200k base (maybe slightly higher for a start) and an equity package that is worth something. The equity is base don hitting key metrics (that they have been hitting the last few years) and not the ‘lottery ticket’ type equity most newer startups offer.

resumes to annie@ingenium.agency

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