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Our Team

Here’s a look at our crew

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Gabby Salmeron

Account Management & Recruiting

About Gabby Salmeron

What got me into the world of a recruiting was a desire to leave corporate America. I targeted the umbrella of “sales” then found myself in recruiting. What I love about recruiting is what you put into it is what you get out of it. There is a process but there is also an art. My process-oriented self thrives while my “art” side is getting molded by these vets (Dan, Rick + Jim). I strive to keep things real and human – at the end of the day these “deals” can be pretty awesome (i.e. reconnecting a couple who spent time apart bi-coastal; getting someone a job where the diversity of their team is actually relatable; breaking someone into an industry they are super passionate about etc). 

While I’m not scouring the realm for talent you can find me practing brazilian jiu jitsu, being outdoors (hiking), cooking and spending time with my friends + family. Also a proud plant mom. 

Team Members

Dan Meara

Director, Technical Recruiting

Jim Clifford

Managing Director, Technical Recruiting