TTS has provided premier staffing services since the mid 1970’s and become a trusted name in the Tri-State Area.

After taking ownership in 2009, I decided to leave the name intact as both a tribute to the legacy of the original owners (who established the firm in the mid 1970's) and to provide seamless business continuance during that changeover. During that transition we’ve seen the explosion and continued rise of New York City’s Silicon Alley, along with an ever increasing global demand for intelligent and creative technical talent.

As a result, today’s recruiting landscape demands a considerably more agile and authentic approach, built upon real and lasting relationships. How does that change things? It means the business, more than ever before, revolves around the talented hiring managers we serve and the highly sought after candidates we represent. As we set out to significantly upgrade our website and social media presence, we also decided it was time to rebrand and establish a more distinctive identity. Thus the name change.

We wanted a handle that more accurately reflects our approach, is more representative of what we do, and indicative of who we are and who we represent… that name is ingenium. The word ingenium, translated from Latin means talent, intelligence, natural character and wit. It’s a word that perfectly defines our internal staff, clients, and candidates and explains our approach. It’s how our candidates have turned into our clients, and it’s how we plan to help you: building from talent up. Because most importantly Talent Matters.

We are today’s modern tech and creative talent agency. We are ingenium. 

Rick Dionisio, President and CEO